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  • Miriam Wilkinson

Are You Truly Living?

'Every man dies, but not every man truly lives'. William Wallace


Whether you believe that this life is 'all there is' or a stepping stone to something greater, it makes sense to live it well. Sometimes we catch ourselves spectating rather than living, going through the motions rather than consciously inhabiting each moment, doing things for other people's reasons rather than our own. If these practices become habitual, we feel disconnected from our lives, lacking a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Everyone has found themselves there at some point.

When we realise that's where we are, we have a golden opportunity to stop, reassess, and decide whether we want to spend the rest of our lives doing this. These moments of realisation, contemplation, and resolution to change are precious. Sometimes a difficult circumstance, a major illness, or the ending of a significant life stage can throw back the curtain and show us that we haven't been truly 'living', that we are not fully engaged in the conscious creation of our reality. These moments, while challenging and confronting, are opportunities - gifts in disguise. If we can recognise them as such, we have a chance to take back the wheel of our life and turn it in whatever direction we want to take it.

Each individual has unique gifts, strengths, experience, and knowledge to bring to this life. Discovering the essential 'you' is the first step in learning to use yourself well in life. When we are using ourselves well, expressing our talents and applying our strengths, our personal power increases and we feel energised and engaged with life. As this powerful, creative energy begins to flow freely, our connections with others improve, and we create opportunities for meaningful contribution and collaboration. No matter where you find yourself today, the next step is only a decision away.

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