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Sat on the Rocks
Sat on the Rocks

Your Questions Answered

Who is this service designed for?

Our service is available to individuals and couples 16 years and over, and to children aged under 16 with parental consent. We are an inclusive practice, open to all.


Online therapy has the advantage of being convenient, as appointments can be arranged when and where it suits you. It is particularly handy if you have a busy schedule, live in a remote location, or simply prefer not to leave home in order to talk to someone. While phone sessions are always an option, psychotherapy works best when we can see each other. All you need is a device with a reliable internet connection. A laptop or desktop computer will provide the best experience due to the larger picture, but smart phones and tablets are fine too. If you do not already have Zoom enabled on your device, you will be prompted to download this free program when you click on the session link provided via email.

If you prefer face-to-face appointments, please contact us via email (see below) to arrange this. We are available for open-air sessions in the Sydney CBD and eastern suburbs.

How secure is online therapy?

Power Diary video software is encrypted and widely used for e-health delivery. This software does not store your personal information or online video communication.

Additionally, we use Proton Mail, a secure email server which uses end-to-end encryption. If you expect to exchange any sensitive information with us via email, you may choose to set up a free Proton Mail account just for this purpose.

Your personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number, is kept completely private and will never be shared with anyone.

What about in-session confidentiality?

Everything we discuss in session is kept completely confidential. The only exceptions to this would be the threat of imminent harm to yourself or another person, or the disclosure of abuse of a minor. Any written notes we make as part of the therapeutic process are stored securely in a physical location. We do not use cloud storage, and our video sessions are not recorded.

Prior to your first session, we will email you our Therapeutic Contract. Your written consent to the conditions in the Contract is required before we begin (a return email is sufficient).

Is the fee covered by Medicare?

Psychology sessions with Miriam ($200 full fee, $170 for pension/healthcare card holders) are eligible for a Medicare rebate of $89.65 per 60-minute session, for clients with a current Mental Health Care Plan (see your GP for a referral). This rebate is available for 20 sessions per calendar year.


Counselling and coaching sessions with Simon ($200/hour) are not eligible for a Medicare rebate, due to current Government regulations.


If you have private health insurance, contact your insurance provider to find out if they offer rebates for psychological consultations.

Our fees are payable at the time of booking (via credit card, Paypal, or bank deposit) through our secure online booking system.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

We try to be as flexible as we can with cancellations and rescheduling, while also being aware that late cancellations prevent other people from accessing that appointment time. Please allow 24 hours' notice to cancel or reschedule a booking. Cancellations within 24 hours of an appointment are not eligible for a refund, however rescheduling will not attract a penalty. If you are late to an appointment, it will still finish on time, to ensure that following appointments are not affected by the delay.

'As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world . . . as in being able to remake ourselves'. ― Mahatma Gandhi

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