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About Us

Unlocking Your Potential

We are passionate about helping you identify what's stopping you from progressing in any area of your life. Our approach is individualised, recognising that each person brings with them a unique combination of personality and life experience.

Our combined training and experience in psychology, counselling, mentoring, addiction recovery, mental health support and parenting, means we are equipped to help you move through your current challenges and empower yourself.


Clinical Psychologist


Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Master of Clinical Psychology

Registration # PSY0002346897


Life experience has shown me that, given the right kind of support, we can overcome incredible challenges and build the life we want to live. The desire to create positive change is one of the fundamental strengths of the human spirit, and can be applied to any area of our lives.

We all possess the tools we need to live our best life - sometimes, we just need a little help to learn how to use them. You can rely on me to treat you with care and respect, maintain perspective, and always keep an open mind. It would be my privilege to help you make a plan for change, and work with you to see it through.

It doesn't matter when you start, as long as you do. After that first step, anything is possible.


Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)

Heading 6

I believe our mind is truly the boss. It controls how we feel, both physically and emotionally. It governs our perspective on the world, and determines our responses. The good news is we can train our mind to suit our needs. We can teach it to see problems as opportunities, adversities as challenges, and turn vulnerability into resilience. 

This starts with developing your self-efficacy. Through doing so, you will discover that the world does not control you; rather, you control your world and how it affects you. I can help you discover that you are in charge of how you see the world, and you can change what you see, making life a more manageable and enjoyable experience.

Once you take control of your mind and how it sees the world, you will have the tools to cope with anything. With a little work you can live the life you want to live. Let's take this journey together and make life better for you, starting today.

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